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Rice is a vital part of India’s economy and our country is the world’s second-largest producer and largest exporter of rice. The large amount of crop production is not solitary, it creates large quantity of residues with them. Earlier the residues from the harvested grains were burned or either disposed which had its own adverse effects on the environment. 

India produces more than 400 million tonnes (MT) of agricultural waste each year. Paddy straw produces 130 MT in which mainly it is use as fodder and rest goes waste in landfills. 

Crop burning, along with other sources of pollution, is a serious problem in India. As particulate matter and greenhouse gases in the air increases it poses health risks to humans and animals, as well as global warming and climate change.

Therefore, we at qudrat found a solution for this problem and started upcycling the agricultural waste from local farms into eco-friendly sustainable and disposable plates, bowls, straws and more.

Key Ingredients Used in Our Products

rice straw from local farms

Rice Straw

rice husk from local farms

Rice Husk

Rice bran extract from local farms

Rice Bran

Environment Matters

Zero Waste Process

qudrat's manufacturing facility in Trivandrum follows a circular process and we recycle waste without creating any of our own.

Low Carbon Footprint

Manufacturing 1kg of plastic or paper releases from 6 kgs to 18kg of CO2 in the atmosphere but qudrat's plates releases 90% lower emissions.

Zero Chemicals Used

qudrat's products are manufactured without any artificial agents or chemicals, binders, adhesives, no lining and are 100% safe & natural.

Yummy Treats for Your Furry Pals: They're Edible Too!

Since our raw materials are basically animal feed products, if our products are mistakenly thrown in any land or water bodies, animals can eat them without being harmed.

Disposable Plates Animal Edible

You don’t need capes to save the planet, all you need is a qudrat plate.

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