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Based on 102 reviews
Shwetha N.
Shwetha N.
12 March 2024
Superb product!! The plates are amazing, they are sturdy and. And be used multiple times. I experimented and dropped it in my bucket of water and it dissolved!! I used this water for gardening!!
Dhruv Malik
Dhruv Malik
3 December 2023
Poor quality Plates came in broken, and anyway really poor quality. Not a presentable option.
1 November 2023
Hard and Strong. Sturdy and environment friendly. Definitely reordering
devi priya
devi priya
26 September 2023
Economic and environment friendly Love the concept. Hope everyone starts to think and buy such products to create a plastic free world.Go for it.
14 September 2023
Product quality Product was supplied in a damaged condition
13 September 2023
Quality Hi I received the product yesterday. Plates were broken and very rough. Did not have the finish as displayed in the picture. I don’t think the plate can even hold food weight as it is very brittle.
Jitendra Jagtap
Jitendra Jagtap
24 August 2023
The plates are great quality They are sturdy and don’t fold when held in the hand .
18 August 2023
Sustainable choice ✅ It's a great choice for sustainability, specially for hostel students. I don't feel guilty about using disposables anymore!
10 August 2023
Perfect Looks perfect! Looks classy and really went with the aesthetic. Go with this if you’re trying to reduce plastic waste in your life!
Jerome van der Linden
Jerome van der Linden
7 August 2023
Easy use A very good environmental solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

qudrat’s sustainable disposable tableware is made from Rice Husk, Rice Straw, and Rice Bran.

Yes, quadrat’s products are both biodegradable and compostable.

It take approximately 30 days for qudrat’s disposable plates to degrade in natural soil.

Yes, the products are tested for both hot & cold food.

Yes, the products are both microwaveable and freezer safe.

While not designed for multiple uses, qudrat’s tableware can be reused multiple times if utilized for dry foods.

You can visit our website  website & place order by filling our contact us form or can find us on Amazon & Flipkart.

Very soon we will be commencing with offline sales too.

Each qudrat plate has a 90% lower manufacturing carbon footprint than a plastic plate. It takes approximately 30 days for a qudrat plate to degrade whereas plastic may take even 500 years to do so.

Our plates are rigid & strong which makes them an excellent usable alternative to other products. With our plates, you don’t have to worry about balancing your food.

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