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With every plate we serve, we take a step towards a plastic free, carbon neutral and sustainable future.

About Us

Our range is honest, agro-based and biodegradable with low carbon emission. Our products are made from extremely pragmatic research. They don’t trigger an instant response. It is only when one uses it, one discovers its true value.

We are passionate individuals who believe in creating communities that believe in a sustainable lifestyle. So, come join us as we take our first steps in doing our bit at reducing carbon footprint.

Our Story

qudrat steamed from our passion for hiking in nature. Despite traveling worldwide, we consistently discovered plastic waste on trails, regardless of how remote the location.. 

As a family of nature enthusiasts and gardeners, discovering plastic waste on our hikes was unsettling. We believe in not just preaching about reducing plastic waste but also actively practicing it.

qudrat gave us a sense of purpose as we sought to make a difference by finding the ideal replacement for plastic tableware. Our aim is to reduce plastic and paper waste, and we strive to create a versatile alternative suitable for any event, anytime, and anywhere. 

Disposable plates

Our Team

A surfing enthusiast who also loves to surf nurseries for plants when he is not working or solving problems. Rishabh has always been fascinated with green projects and sustainable ideas. An entrepreneur since a young age, he feels that the greatest threat to the planet is the belief that someone else will save it.   

A marine engineer by profession and a sailor at heart, Rohan has been sailing the entrepreneurial waters for some time now. An avid reader and nature lover, he enjoys lemon tea conclaves at the closest coffee house while racking his mind on the next big thing.


 A gym boy when time permits and an engineer in person, Akhil works on the secret sauce that goes into creating wealth out of waste at qudrat.

Lead - Production

A tech entrepreneur and hardware product designer with 20 plus years experience in design, product engineering and development. Hands on experience in multidisciplinary systems involving sensors, motors, mechanisms.

Operationalisation (Machinery)

Arun has 13 years of experience in academics and 6 years as an engineering consultant. He has a Masters in Energy Engineering from IIT Bombay. Arun is also an avid photographer who enjoys driving and off roading.

Operationalisation (Energy)

Anand helps organisations navigate the changing world by combining his background in technology, business and social sectors. He has worked with MNCs and startups in Strategy, Manufacturing, Marketing and Product Development.

Operationalisation (Commercial)

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