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Mother Nature's Favourite Tableware

Eco-Friendly Tableware That's Animal Edible, Sustainable & Responsible!

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable & Sustainable Plates

Giving Back More To Nature, Than Taking From It.

We all know paper plates are great, but it means cutting more and more trees, plastic causes more problems than it solves.

We at Qudrat reuse agricultural waste to make sustainable tableware like plates, bowls and cups.

Compostable Tableware

Snack Plates

Shop our sustainable alternative to plastic and paper. Your planet will thank you!

Key Product Features

100% Biodegradable & Environment Loving

We make agricultural waste into wonderful products, that degrade easily too.

Zero Waste

Our facility does not produce any form of solid or liquid waste.

Chemicals Used

None whatsoever.
Only Agricultural Waste.

Animal Safe

By choice or by chance,
animals can easily eat it, no problem.

How it Works?

Step 1


Take agro-waste from nearby farms

We work with our local community to source our raw materials.

Step 2

Sustainable Lifestyle - Green tableware

Take time to compress and mould

Our technology transforms agro waste like husk, bran & straw into useful products.

Step 3

Qudrat's 100% Biodegradable Tableware

Make it safe to serve and eat

We then make our crockery and cutlery safe and sterile to serve in, and safe to be eaten by any animals too, as proven by these certifications!



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